Merchant Showcase - Ramen Takara

Ramen Takara

For a bowl of soul warming, slurp-able goodness head to Ponsonby's or Browns Bay's hot new ramen restaurants, Ramen Takara located on Ponsonby Road and Anzac Road.

Ramen Takara originated near Mount Fuji in Japan where their head chef and owner Yuki grew up watching her father in a busy restaurant loved by locals.

Their Ponsonby branch which opened earlier in 2015 carries on the traditions of Hochinro (the original restaurant that Yuki's father worked in when in Japan) while adopting fresh local ingredients, flavours and service.

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Ramen Takara takes great pride in creating a hearty bowl of ramen starting with their noodles they make on-site every day from quality New Zealand flour, fresh local eggs, salt and water. So head on down to Ramen Takara in Ponsonby today and enjoy a great meal that you will surely love!

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