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Merchants Showcase January

The Food Truck

The winner of Best Constructed Reality TV show @ The AFTA TV & Film awards 2012, I believe that it is worth having lunch or supper with your mates or family at the Food Truck.

Fast Food is quick, cheap and convenient, but it's a contributing factor to our ballooning waistlines. With one of the highest obesity rates in the world, it's time kiwis watch what they eat.

However, there is a time and a place for fast food, and we all know takeaways can be delicious. So as the saying doesn't go...

"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em and beat 'em!"

The Food Truck's aim is to change the perception of fast food and inspire healthier eating habits. If you fancy a healthy and juicy burger for your lunch or dinner, use our app to order it!

Of course the Food Truck also have refreshing and colourful salad & heavenly-tasted hotdogs.

The Food Truck is now parked at Silo Park as well. Go beat the burgers, and enjoy the sea breeze there! And the Food Truck Garage is still at City Works Depot in Wellesley St West.


Stumpy's Woodfired Pizza

The great range of woodfired authentic thin crust pizzas presented by Stumpy's Woodsfired Pizza.

You may smell the scent of the traditional Italian pizzas when you stand outside the store, so take your steps forward and walk in, you will see the friendly and professional staffs, their beautiful hand crafted oven. The flavours of the Mediterranean will make your night an unforgettable experience.

The Stumpy's pizzas are renowned for their thin crispy bases. Each pizza is stretched and hand-spun to the right size, just the way it's been done for centuries in Italy.

You will find Stumpy's on New Zealand's longest straight road, Dominion Road.


Or you can even enjoy the woodfired pizzas at Silo Park!

Murder Burger

The home of real gourmet burgers, made with real fresh produce, meats & homemade sauces prepared on site daily, they are located in Mt Eden, Ponsonby and Manukau.

Three consecutive years winner of NZ Herald Viva Awards between 2008 and 2010, and the winner of Metro Awards 2010. Well, no doubt Murder Burgers have "the best bloody burgers in town". 

Murder Burger stands for a promise of real fresh meat, ingredients, seasonings, homemade sauces & buns, you will definitely taste the difference.

A place you could come to and enjoy a great range of burgers with out the guilt of eating crap.

Order Murder Burgers, End the hunger games.

Mt Eden






The Station

Bagels by day, cocktails by night - A location for anyone looking for a venue with an eclectic vibe, hosting an authentic crowd.

Mature enough to being able to mingle with the professional type, smart enough to get away from the mindless kids.

The Station is the place that the inner city is missing as a central location meeting point or hang out.



Nadu is a friendly and inviting place sitting at the end of Nuffield Street in Newmarket, where you may order the delicious juices or espresso, and have a freshly made sandwich. it is a cool and nice place to enjoy your day in this hot summer.

Pop in here and let light, sandwiches, coffee and upside-down hanging pot plants enter your life.